Rabbinic story is believed to be the leading outlet of rabbinic ideology which presents the world-view in a typical way. Among the main types of discourse in Talmud (a key version of the Jewish oral law considered to be as important as Torah) the rabbinic story is one of them. It is a unique genre in literature which is easy to differentiate from the Talmudic background because it uses the narrative mode to describe post-biblical characters most especially the rabbis (Hezser, 1993). The main aim of this paper is to discuss my understanding of the rabbinic story and its possible impact in my life.

Insights gained from the story

The story was narrated by the people who used to consciously invoke motifs which used to be applied to the figure of Hermes by the pagan neighbors of the rabbinic people. The rabbinic tales contain figures such as those of the angel of death and Satan where play some given functions. I wonder what invisible role this figures could be playing beyond the way the narrators have used it in the story.Without such supernatural elements the in the story, the story will not seem to have any meaning. The story teller seems to have included it for a reason. Elsewhere, the legal type of the rabbinic stories can play a role as a legal precedent whereby if a rabbi gave a statement or did something that became very important in the determination of what became law in the generations that followed.



How it might affect own life

The story helps me to appreciate the significance of Christianity as religion since it does not hold to strict laws which were at times formed by an individual in the rabbinic story.

Briefly state the story that you read

The story is mainly contempt to Herod’s pedigree. On assuming power, He kills a lot of rabbis since they would have used the bible, to call the prohibition of Deuteronomy kings from interacting with foreign Kings.